5 Petani

5 Petani is : • Frank Navayo Pattinasarany ( guitar ) • Fauzan Rijal ( bass ) • Yoga Wardana Kusumah (guitar accoustic) • Gerson Valdo Siahaan ( keyboard )  • Arbi (drum). Additionsl Player : • Rezki Delian (Perccusion) • Hilmi (Flute & suling) •  Yudha Rahadyan (Saxophone)  Although each personnel “5PETANI” have long engaged in the arts of music, but “5PETANI” recently formed in mid-2014, originated from the frequent personnel “5PETANI” playing music (jamming) together in a regular program implemented by the community "Butterfield Jazz Society" in Bandung. They choice name “5PETANI” because all personnel agreed that agriculture as the prime mover of the Indonesian economy, and farmers as the tip of the spear, on the philosophy that the “5PETANI” ready for sharing Beautiful tones to all of the world.


Untuk sekarang, single pertama mereka yang berjudul "Pelangi" telah beredar di toko" musik digital seperti ITUNES, SPOTIFY dll.... terlampir 6 preview lagu mereka,..Album 5 Petani " Sawah Impian " sedang tahap produksi



082120720701 ( Jose Florentino )