• Alfan

    Vocals, Bass
  • Faisal

  • Arizar

  • Elham


The band started in 2010 when Apang (vocal/bass) met Faisal (guitar) through a circle friend. Fueled by a mutual interest in thrash metal music, Faisal joined the team that was previously formed, together with Rizar (guitar) and Elham (drum), Anthpimedus was born. Heavily influenced by Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Death and Misfits, Anthpimedus started to write their own song. It became clear right away that they had something worthwhile after the first few songs. Apang strong vocal spiced up the old school thrash metal sound that defines the band's unique twist. Anthpimedus sounds like Slayer and Death. The drummer inspired by Dave Lombardo and the guitarist Faisal and Rizar are really into James Hetfield and Jeff Hanneman with Nergal as vocal. Excited with the new sounds, the band released their first single in 2011. They started their first gig in the same year, and landed major touring invitation to East Java on 2013. Perfectionist and very selective for their first album, it took them long enough to wrap it up. “Resurrection” will be release on March 2017, with this new album, one EP and compilation, they are ready to go out there and rock the house at this point.


081519572574 (Elham)