Humanoid is a music group that carries the sub genre. Punk, Speed ​​Metal/Trashmetal & with a hint of Rock 'N' Roll and we declare it and call it "Crush 'N' Roll". Origin of Flower City, Bandung. Audy Prita (Vocals), Fedrick Rikwono (Lead Guitar), Joel Alvonso Nainggolan (Rhythm Guitar), Agnestio Rubby (Bass) & Yoki Andriansyah (Drums). Are the names of 4 men and 1 woman who strengthen Humanoid. We have been formed since October 13, 2020, and have been a quartet for the past few years, until now Humanoid has 5 members. Our music is heavily influenced by Motörhead, Discharge, Metallica, Speedtrap, Speedwolf, Dark Throne & Bikini Kill and also Brigade Of Crow, a well-known local band from the same city as Humanoid. NWOBHM-style music presentations and the insertion of patterns and sentences of fast-paced and chaotic pentatonic music can be found in the song materials created by Humanoid. No doubt, our music feels energetic, hot, chaotic and fun to listen to. Not to mention if there is a substance insert there! Regards! In the black and white darkness Humanoid! "Punk Machine In the Name of Crush 'N' Roll".

Contact 085156639267